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Dustin Paluch Professor Ringer WRI 102-25 11 April 2010 Essay four draft two When observing a group of children at play or adults at a meeting it is not difficult to identify the leader. However, coming up with a concise definition to the word leader is often a difficult task. Definitions of a leader include patience, understanding, enthusiasm, charisma, good organizational and listening skills, as well as strength, both mentally and physically (Vick 1). In each of the three films, Schindler’s List , Life is Beautiful , and Defiance , the leader’s each possess many, if not all of these characteristics. But these characteristics alone is not what allows Schindler, Guido, and the Bielski brothers to capture the attention of thousands of Jews and lead them through turbulent times. Without Oscar Schindler and the Bielski brothers, thousands of lives would have been lost, and without Guido’s game in Life is Beautiful , there would be no hope in his wife Dora or his son, Joshua. Leaders do not always have all the answers, but they have the natural ability to influence. This characteristic, needed to be an effective leader, comes from within and is put to good use through each of the characters in the three films. As stated by H. Ross Perot, “People cannot be managed, inventories can be managed, but people must be led” (Vick 1). Schindler’s List grips the audience from the beginning and keeps them engaged through images based on knowledge of actual events. There are various scenes from each of the three films which demonstrate how millions of people also survive each year because of one person, or a group of persons who take a stand for the benefit of someone else’s life. Paluch 1
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Based on the book Spielberg’s Holocaust, “Pieces of history can be found equally in artifacts, images, and other kinds of records, and they are broadly institutionalized in museums, theme parks, the cinema, and mail-order catalogues as well as libraries.” In each of the three
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Essay 4 draft two - Paluch 1 Dustin Paluch Professor Ringer...

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