Edited Rabbit Proof Fence

Edited Rabbit Proof Fence - Dustin Paluch Professor Ringer...

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Unformatted text preview: Dustin Paluch Professor Ringer WRI 102-25 27 March 2010 White Skinned People are Better Enslavement of African Americans - the Holocaust – the Trail of Tears has led to the death of tens of millions. These instances relate to Rabbit Proof Fence because all four of these instances have lead to the destruction of generations worth of cultural experience that are now lost forever. With the racial-“imprisonment” of half-caste children in Australia from 1905 through 1971, these generations are creating a domino effect in Australia today because the old Aboriginal culture is forever changed due to racist actions against their them. Rabbit Proof Fence takes the audience on a journey where they view firsthand how the film takes on the role of entertaining story teller as well as a documentary when it re-tells the story of three young Aboriginal girls, Molly, Gracie, and Daisy. “The “fence” in the title acts as a guide to the three Aboriginal girls on their dogged homeward trek is also symbolic of a society that thinks it's entitled- morally obliged, even - to divide and segregate humans as though they were animals” (Kemp, p54). When the three title characters are forcefully taken from their home in Jigalog and placed in a prison-school, the audience learns that all three are half-caste, which society considers their mix to be of lesser value compared to white skinned people. The fence in Australia which separates the rabbits, a less valued item, from farming grounds, a high valued item, can be used as a symbol for the separation of half-caste children and white children. When half-caste children are taken from their home, they are brought 1,200-plus miles away from the rest of the white society and placed in prison-schools. When an audience views the movie, they Paluch 1 are seeing few aspects of how racism is still taking place well into the 20 th Century. When the girls are taken from their family in Jigalog and placed in a prison-school, the audience quickly...
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Edited Rabbit Proof Fence - Dustin Paluch Professor Ringer...

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