Chinatown - Paluch 1 Dustin Paluch Professor Ringer WRI...

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Dustin Paluch Professor Ringer WRI 102-25 5 March 2010 Life or Death Lies and more lies take viewers on a grueling one way path through the streets of Chinatown and smack-dab into the middle of an investigation. The audience see’s how Jake Gittes investigation in Chinatown ultimately uncovers who kills Mr. Mulwray, who is stealing of the water from the Los Angeles Water & Power, and the truth behind Evelyn Mulwray. Screenwriter Robert Towne states, “We really can’t tell if something is going on whether we’re helping someone commit a crime or preventing it . . . Chinatown as a notion begins to stand for the futility of good intention ” (Polanski, commentary). In Chinatown , the audience is led on a one way path, and gets to see how Jake and Evelyn’s positive interactions with each other ultimately cause negative effects including death, impersonations, abuse, and more death. One of the first characters the audience sees in Chinatown is Ida Sessions, an actress hired by Noah Cross. Through her impersonation of Evelyn, though not aware of it, Ida begins her role as accomplice in the murder of Hollis Mulwray. When Ida is first seen, viewers are lead to believe that she is actually Evelyn, a sweet innocent woman whose husband is cheating on her with another woman. As the movie progresses, viewers learn that Ida’s “innocent” impersonation act has caused a ripple of bad things to other people, including the murder of Hollis. When Ida is hired for the job to take on the role of Evelyn, she thinks it’s a onetime hired
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Chinatown - Paluch 1 Dustin Paluch Professor Ringer WRI...

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