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Beta Theta Pi Quiz #5 - Midterm Name ___________________________ Friendship and Fidelity – “dash kye dash” Please remember your name!  This quiz contains information from day 1 of the Pledge Program  and is a good representation of how the final will look.   No points for guessing.  Question values are marked accordingly.  Eyes on your own paper; if I  can’t read it, I can’t grade it; Good Luck! 1. Give the Founders’ Paragraph (including founders’ names and years of graduation – the whole thing). (10 Points) At nine o’clock on the evening of the eight day of the eight month of the year 1839, eight earnest young men, all students at Miami University, held the first meeting of Beta Theta Pi in the Hall of the Union Literary Society, an upper room in the old college building (known as “Old Main”). The eight founders in the order in which their names appear in the minutes were: John Sucks Dicks Just Cuz John Milks Tits – 90, 90, 10, 90 John Reily Knock, 1839 Samuel Taylor Marshall, 1840 David Linton, 1839 James George Smith, 1840 (NO PICTURE) Charles Henry Hardin, 1841 John Holt Duncan, 1840 Michael Clarkson Ryan, 1839 Thomas Boston Gordon, 1840 “of ever honored memory” *Knox, Marshall, Smith, Harding were Union Literary Society *Linton, Duncan, Ryan, Gordon were Erodelphians 2. What was the first Greek letter organization? In what year was it founded? (1 Point) Phi Beta Kappa, 1776, William and Mary College 3. What is Founder Knox’s nickname? (1 point) Pater (pronounced Potter) Knox 4. There were two major “student organizations” at Miami University at the time of our founding. Give the names of these popular literary societies. (1 Point) Union Literary Society
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Beta Midterm - Beta Theta Pi Quiz #5 - Midterm Name_...

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