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Dustin Paluch-Donnie Darko Final Essay

Dustin Paluch-Donnie Darko Final Essay - Paluch 1 Dustin...

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Dustin Paluch Professor Schwartz FSP 101-13 11 December 2009 Doppelganger Doubling in Donnie Darko Having a twin is both a sin and a blessing. But what if that twin was more than just identical, what if they were a clone of you, or even harder to comprehend, what if they WERE you? These are all forms of doubling. In the film, a unique form of doubling occurs, doppelganger doubling, which can be defined as a ghostly double who perceives a living person and is seeing performing their actions in advance (Lloyd-Smith, 115). In the film, the writer & director, Richard Kelly, tackles doubling between two Tangent Universes which are simultaneously occurring in the film. In the film, a series of passages from a fictional book “The Psychology of Time Travel” written by a character in the movie, Roberta Sparrow help explain in words how time travel creates a double universe. Throughout the film, various scenes show the audience how doubling is possible through the creation of a tangent universe. The film shows doubling through the incorporation of fear of actual death since one cannot imagine their own death, through Donnie’s his semi -imaginary friend Frank, though his meetings with his psychologist Dr. Thurman, and through the blurring boundary between fantasy and reality. The film Donnie Darko explains the doppelganger doubling effects of a Tangent Universe through the blurring of fantasy and reality, through the incorporation of “imaginary” character, though the use of hypnosis, and though the inability to imagine one’s own death, and through the incorporation of religion. Paluch 1
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The book, The Psychology of Time Travel, written by character Roberta Sparrow starts off the movie by showing a passage from chapter four which states, “Artifacts provide the first sign a Tangent Universe has occurred; All artifacts are formed from metal” (Kelly, 43min). The audience quickly sees metal objects play a key role when a jet engine crashes through the roof of the Darko’s house where Donnie’s room is located. Fortunately for Donnie, he was not in the room at the time because a voice from a six foot tall bunny rabbit, Frank, told him to “come closer” which eventually led Donnie to a golf course where he fell asleep until morning. This is the start of a Tangent Universe because the voice interfered with Donnie’s death and everything that follows is a result of the new universe created. As Donnie and Frank’s relationship grew, Donnie grew more submissive because each passing day he did whatever Frank told him to do. The first time Frank has manipulative control over Donnie’s actions, he tells Donnie to go to his high school and break a water main with an axe, and then stick the axe into a pure bronze statue.
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Dustin Paluch-Donnie Darko Final Essay - Paluch 1 Dustin...

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