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Dustin Paluch Short Story - Paluch 1 Dustin Paluch...

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Paluch Dustin Paluch Professor Schwartz FSP 101-13 10 November 2009 Wrong Way It was another hazy, cloudy, winter day in Green Bay. As April walked the snow covered paths, she realized that she had not been camping yet this year. She had always gone camping with her parents but they had gone without her this year. Initially, she had been upset over them excluding her but then she had a brilliant idea. Since camping alone is never fun, April put up a sign up sheet that said to contact her if interested in camping soon. The sign-up sheet was successful; three girls, Mariah, Kari, and Pang, signed up. April was glad they were people she had never met before because she was excited to get to know them. So on Thursday night they planned to meet in the student parking lot on Friday at 4 o’clock. On Friday, Kari and Pang arrived on time. Each carried a small bag of luggage with all their belongings for the weekend. April put their stuff in the trunk, and was about to leave when she realized Mariah was not there. After a few minutes Mariah immerged from the corner of the parking lot smiling. Mariah had never been camping before, and as she walked toward the other three girls, she could not stop the butterflies in her stomach from making her anxious. April took her stuff, shoved it into the trunk, and told everyone to get in the car. “Hey, you got your car checked right April?” asked Pang. “Yeah, I got it check just this past Thursday” she replied. 1
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Paluch April then drove out of the parking lot, and they were on their way! The time was about 6:30, when she turned on to Nicolet Drive, the last main roads until they came back on Sunday. She was the only one awake in the car, trying tediously to follow the GPS with the cracked screen. The GPS arrow appeared to be pointing right so she turned on to a road called Baird’s Creek. It led down to a giant hill heading downward but she could not recall from her previous trips with her parents. The road had no street signs but the time was getting late and April was becoming tired so she decided to pull over to sleep. Just as she closed her eyes, a dark figure run past the car. She immediately opened her eyes. The figure and April were in a deep trance for what seemed like an eternity. As hard she tried, April could not stop staring; its eyes were so powerful. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t stop staring; its eyes were so powerful. The “being” then ran off into the woods nearby. By now terror had overcome April; she breathed heavily as thoughts rushed through her head about what the dark came from and more importantly, where the being ran off to. She poked Pang, who was asleep in the passenger seat. “Pang, wake up!” Pang slowly opened her eyes. She had a confused look on her face.
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