Dustin Paluch- Rosemary's Baby

Dustin Paluch- Rosemary's Baby - Paluch 1 Dustin Paluch...

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Dustin Paluch Professor Schwartz FSP 101-13 31 October 2009 Conventional Femininity in Rosemary’s Baby “Hail Satan!” Rosemary’s Baby exerts fear upon the audience in one of the scariest ways possible, internal fear. Throughout the entire movie, viewers never get to experience what Rosemary is feeling other than what she reveals, because viewers are mislead into thinking one thing when another event is actually occurring. In the film Rosemary’s Baby, characters depict femininity in its conventional form. Actions of characters in the film play the largest role in the depiction of femininity. Guy, Rosemary’s husband, plays the biggest role in depicting femininity as conventional. In the film, Guy gives his wife up as a sex slave, without her knowing, so that she can be implanted with Satan’s seed, and eventually have his baby. Guy did this in exchange for a prosperous career, giving the impression that women are on earth only to serve the needs of their husbands. Also during the “rape” session, Rosemary was passed out but that did not stop Satan/Guy from having
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Dustin Paluch- Rosemary's Baby - Paluch 1 Dustin Paluch...

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