AP test 2 - Nationality Citizen Individual & State owe...

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Nationality Subject- Individuals owe responsibility to State, but get nothing back in return o Examples: U.S. Virgin Islands, Slaves, Guam Denizen – States owe to Individuals, but the individuals are not required to give anything back o Example: Indian’s used to be, but they are now citizens due to a treaty Alien- Any national who is outside their country o One international Law Called Comity “Do unto others and you want done to you” Stateless Person- Person who belongs to no country o When Iraq invaded Kuwait, people who fled Kuwait were stateless Acquiring Citizenship Birth o Jus Soli- Law of the soil “you are a citizen because you are born in that country” o Jus Sanguini- Law of blood “Whatever country your parents were citizens of at the time of birth, you also get that citizenship” United States does not recognize dual citizenship Naturalization- The process by which U.S. citizenship is granted to a foreign citizen or national after he or she fulfills the requirements established by Congress in the Immigration and Nationality Act o Individual (who may apply?) – Individuals, or groups (by act of congress) Statutory law- Requirements Groups get through by special act of congress o Example: Indians or slaves or Hawaii Losing Citizenship Expatriation- Person residing in a country other than that of their own, must return at least once every 5 years Implied Renunciation- Government must act against you, but they never do because they want to punish you o Treason, espionage, spy Forfeiture- A way to lose your citizenship, but it is never done Rights Human- Of our nature o Life, shelter, food/water, clothing, air, movement, sex, sleep Government cannot do anything to help or infringe upon human
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AP test 2 - Nationality Citizen Individual & State owe...

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