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Weekend Update prospectus - For my field project, I will...

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Dustin Paluch Professor Lawrence COM 212 24 February 2010 Prospectus for Weekend Update For my studio project I would like to do a partial segment from Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update. The scene would be fairly easy to shoot, though it does have a lot of media I would have to incorporate into the scene, and fast camera cuts. This sounds like a lot but it will be fairly easy to manage. I will only be using two cameras, one for each person sitting at the desk, and for the fast cuts it would be between the two cameras. The camera cutting would depend on the tech. director to cut according to the script, between segments. As for the media I will get all the pictures I want to use on a cd, bring it into class 2 weeks before so that I can test them out and if they don’t work that week, I still have another week to check the media again, and if it does not work that week, I will go in on a day we don’t have class to make sure all the media is in the right format before my shoot day.
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Unformatted text preview: For my field project, I will have a segment in the script where one of the reporters says something similar to “and now we will show you actual footage from real instances.” When they speak of instances they will be referring to the “defense stick” a product I myself made up. The “defense stick” is similar to that of a knight stick used by police, but made “safe” for public use. The scenes in my field footage will be various instances where someone, mainly a woman, gets “attacked” and then uses the “defense stick” as a weapon to fend off the suspect. This weekend update will be similar to what is actually on SNL. I also already have my segment picked out which is currently 9:15, but I will be picking out my favorite parts Paluch 1 to cut this time down to 4-5 minutes, and my field footage will be 2-3 minutes. I also already have to actors that will be playing the roles, both in studio and in field. Paluch 2...
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Weekend Update prospectus - For my field project, I will...

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