Report 4-7 - I would like to work in the field or assisting...

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Senators Schmitt and Lamping  INTERN WEEKLY REPORT NAME: Dustin Paluch WEEK OF: April 1 st  – April 7 th What project(s) are you currently working on? On Tuesday I helped work a local polling place for the election. This week I was assigned to work on the community calendar for district 24. How much longer do you anticipate it will take before this/these project(s) is/are  completed?  I will be doing the community calendar each week. What, if any, roadblocks are you experiencing?  How can Matt help you to get  around them? None currently What will you work on once you are finished with this/these project(s)?
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Unformatted text preview: I would like to work in the field, or assisting the Senator at the capital for a day if time ever allows. But fieldwork, doing press for the Senators is also a desire of mine. Do you have any general observations, ideas or suggestions? So far so good, I really enjoy working for Senators Lamping and Schmitt. DATE HOURS PROJECT 4-5 2 Working the Polls 4-7 2 Community Calendar Please email your report to Matt Panik, [email protected] by Thursday night at 8 PM. Please be as specific as possible when completing this report....
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Report 4-7 - I would like to work in the field or assisting...

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