Websites - on otherwise the tab is wasted space for now and...

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o Cons Home Page New from Senator is front and center? Have it be a side post, and have posts, that update automatically No Picture of the Senator ****Pictures link for Schmitt is broken Lamping Have pictures of them with constituents in the community, promoting new businesses, at the capital, etc. No mission statement He has legislative priorities set, but he needs to have an overall mission statement o Should be located on first page, along with a welcome message The Senator should also have a tab devoted to “Current Issues” THE ENTIRE MEDIA TAB Broken links No updates NO MEDIA WEBISTES Twitter Facebook Expand to a younger generation, while still keeping ties with the older generations Lets constituents know real time events that the senator is working on o Interns could update them or other people on his staff Legislation No sponsored bills, but yet he has priorities? There should at least be a message about types of bills he is currently working
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Unformatted text preview: on, otherwise the tab is wasted space for now and reminds constituents that their senator has not done anything on his own —YET! Committee membership • Make it a single tab o Looks cluttered and unorganized Unclaimed property • Good idea, but not his concern • He limits issues such as why doesn’t he also include other public services such as public service help and other aid • Get rid of it or devote an entire tab to “Constituent Services” o Pros Background of pictures • Blended, make constituents feel part of the senators priority Map of area, but maybe have the state of Missouri and show in comparison? • Have their particular area blow out when scrolled over??? Welcome Video (Uniformity) • Schmitt o Update • Lamping o Create one • Expand to make bigger (similar to Sara Steelman)...
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Websites - on otherwise the tab is wasted space for now and...

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