Rhetorical Criticism

Rhetorical Criticism - • What effect it has on society...

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Rhetorical Criticism Analyzing and evaluating a text to see why it is persuasive/ influential First step: o Choose your text, and why did you pick that text. Justify Why o Rhetorical Act – What you will be analyzing in that text Tools that will help us in this part Pentad: o Act o Actor o Scene o Agency o Purpose o Look for key themes What repeats over and over o Last step Tie it in to social implications What it says about society
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Unformatted text preview: • What effect it has on society • You are not doing this on your scholarly articles, you are just trying to connect your analysis with either support from the scholarly research or go against your interpretation. • Abstract o Summarizes your topic o Most important findings • Method will be shorter, but analysis will be longer • Cultural Implications o...
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