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Personal Statment Australia

Personal Statment Australia - native to the country I know...

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Dustin Paluch Saint Louis University Bond University For Fall 2011 The basic idea of creating and/or telling a story though the lens of a camera and sharing that story with an audience is one of the things I enjoy most in life. If admitted to Bond University I would take a variety of classes so I could fulfill my studies while also gaining knowledge learn of a different culture. The first idea of studying abroad in Australia at Bond University first came when I watched the film, Rabbit Proof Fence , an Australian film. This was the first film produced in and about Australia that sparked a conquest in me to research further, to find different things about Australia I didn’t know before. Aside from school, I would be sure to fully embrace the culture. I would try surfing for the first time, I would scuba dive along the Great Barrier Reef, volunteer at a local wildlife reserve to gain a better understanding of native animals, and go to events
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Unformatted text preview: native to the country. I know some of these are considered “touristy,” but since I have never done any of them I believe they help me to fulfill my promise of embracing the culture by experiencing activities and events that I cannot do in the United States. Each of the above aspects I believe makes me a unique candidate for a foreign exchange student at Bond University. Since watching Rabbit Proof Fence , I have become more aware of events in Australia, and instead of continuing to read about the events, I would like to experience them first hand. Australia is my first choice in countries to study abroad in, and I ask that you provide me with the opportunity of admittance to your university so that I may gain first hand experience of what makes Australia so great....
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Personal Statment Australia - native to the country I know...

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