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Chief of Staff Duties - UNews in the binder 2 File the...

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Chief of Staff Duties Every Tuesday 1. Send out the SGA Mailer to the student body *be sure to attach the agenda when Murphy sends it to you a. Send from the SGA account (list serve is <[email protected]> b. I will direct everyone to send mailer requests to the Chief of Staff email account c. Do not include plugs for specific events that CSOs are hosting (just include SLU Connection Calendar) or any forms of solicitation from businesses Before Senate Meetings 1. Run off copies of the agenda and lay them out in the Senate Chambers 2. Set up placards 3. Set up camera from SLU-TV (get key from front desk of BSC) 4. Get computer cord from front desk of BSC (to connect computer to the tv screens) 5. Take minutes during meeting After Senate Meetings 1. Return camera to SLU-TV 2. Put placards back in office 3. Email minutes to all of senate 4. Upload bills, resolutions, and agenda to the website Every Week 1. Keep both a full copy of the UNews and file the SGA clippings from the
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Unformatted text preview: UNews in the binder 2. File the bills and resolutions in the binder 3. File the agendas in the binder 4. Tidy up the office 5. Maintain the SGA Facebook and Twitter pages plus the website Every Day 1. Check both the SGA and Chief of Staff email accounts Random Duties 1. Schedule meetings for Court (sometimes a doodle) through the chief of staff account 2. Maintain the SGA Contact List along with the Senators page on the website Printing 1. Go to the IMC in Xavier Annex and pay with the SGA Card People to Know/Set up a meeting with soon 1. David Young – SGA Advisor, [email protected] *He will be your go-to guy and best buddy! 2. Chris Grabau – Manager of the BSC, [email protected] , *He is very open to increasing SGA’s presence/advertising in the BSC. He also might want you to sit on the BSC advisory board on behalf of SGA. Chief of Staff Account = [email protected] , password on password list...
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Chief of Staff Duties - UNews in the binder 2 File the...

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