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Trees and Forestry Fall 2010 Review Questions for the Forest Disturbance Section 1. How do “islands of soil fertility” develop in California oak woodlands? 2. Why do these “islands of soil fertility” disappear so quickly following tree removal? 3. What does desertification refer to? How does desertification occur? 4. How does forest clearcutting affect nutrient cycling processes? 5. How is nitrogen lost from a forest ecosystem following clearcutting? 6. Does nitrogen loss from northern hardwood forests (New England) respond similar to California coastal redwood forests following clearcutting? 7. What happens to streamflow following clearcutting of a northern hardwood forest (New England)? How might the response of streamflow to clearcutting be different for Pacific Coastal forests? 8. How might soil physical properties (e.g., bulk density, water infiltration/runoff, erosion potential) be changed by forest harvest practices?
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