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Trees and Forestry Fall 2010 Review Questions for Nutrient Cycling Section 1. What is the major source(s) of energy driving the nitrogen cycle? 2. How are the carbon and nitrogen cycles linked? 3. Where does the energy for symbiotic N-fixation originate from? How many electrons are transferred for each mole of N fixed? 4. Where does the energy for N-fixation by free-living (asymbiotic) bacteria originate from? 5. What was the most limiting nutrient to forest growth in the devastated area around Mt. St. Helens following the 1980 eruption? How did nitrogen enter the ecosystem following the eruption? How did soil erosion aid in the reestablishment of vegetation in some areas? 6. In what forms can atmospheric deposition of nitrogen occur in a forest ecosystem? 7. In northern California, how many years does it take to approach steady-state carbon and nitrogen in soils during primary succession? 8.
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