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Trees and Forestry Fall 2010 Review Questions for Hydrology Section 1. Why are actual evapotranspiration rates such a good predictor of net primary productivity (NPP) at the global scale? 2. What are the major hydrologic inputs into forest ecosystems? What are the major hydrologic losses from forest ecosystems? 3. What do canopy throughfall, stemflow and interception refer to? 4. How does canopy throughfall and stemflow affect the amount and distribution of water entering the soil profile. 5. Is California’s Mediterranean climate conducive to optimizing forest growth? During what seasons of the year are plant growth and soil microorganism activity greatest? 6. If the predictions for global warming come true, how will the Sierra Nevada snowpack be affected? How might this affect Sierra Nevada forests? 7. How do the rates of water infiltration into a soil and water runoff from a soil surface change with increasing length and intensity of a precipitation event?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Is surface runoff a major process in a mature forest? How might runoff change following forest clearcutting? 9. What soil characteristics must you measure in order to determine the total plant-available water holding capacity of a soil? 10. How do plants create the suction to extract water from the soil? 11. What is water-use efficiency? Will water-use efficiency be greater for plants with lower stomatal conductance or those with higher stomatal conductance? 12. What is hydraulic lift? How might hydraulic lift influence nutrient uptake in a forest? 13. How can changes in the soil hydrologic flowpaths during a storm event affect the chemistry of streamwater leaving a watershed? 14. How would you expect the shape of a stream hydrograph during a storm event to change after clearcutting a mature forest? 15. How do the trees in a forest contribute to the aquatic habitat of a stream running through a forest?...
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