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Trees and Forestry Fall 2010 Review Questions for Soil’s Section 1. What are the four major soil forming processes responsible for development of soil horizons/profiles? 2. Why do O horizons preferentially form in forest soils? 3. How are A/E horizons formed? How are B horizons formed? 4. What are the 5 soil forming factors that determine the kind of soil forms at a given location? 5. Will soils tend to form more quickly on consolidated or unconsolidated parent material? Why? 6. How does the soil forming factor of “topography” affect soil formation? 7. In general, how do soil horizons (the number and type) tend to change as soils grow older? How does this affect forest productivity? 8. What is soil texture? Can it be changed easily? Why is soil texture important? 9. What is soil structure? Can it be changed easily? Why is soil structure important? 10. With regard to plant growth, what are the 4 main roles that soils provide? 11.
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