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Answers to study questions Lecture 6, Resource acquisition II 1. Plants may experience a trade-off between photosynthetic activity and their ability to harvest sufficient water for their needs because a. water is not available when solar radiation is abundant b. the cost of extracting water from the soil increases with increasing radiation intensity c. the opening of stomata needed to harvest CO 2 also creates opportunities for water loss through transpiration d. one molecule of water is needed for every molecule of CO 2 that is converted to a sugar by photosynthesis e. All of the above are true Answer: c 2. When elongating plant roots that are ‘exploring’ the soil for water or mineral resources encounter a valuable nutrient resource they may respond by a. branching b. halting elongation c. synthesizing the essential resource from basic atomic building blocks d. decreasing the impact of photoinhibition e. none of the above is true Answer: a 3. Macronutrients and micronutrients for plants differ primarily in a. their molecular weight b. the cost of their transport from the soil into root hairs c. the per-molecule cost of transporting them across the epidermal cell’s plasma membrane d.
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