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1-5- eco services

1-5- eco services - Bis 2B Ecosystem services 1...

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Bis 2B - 1/5/11 Ecosystem services 1. provisioning services 2. regulating services 3. cultural services 4. supporting services Millenium ecosystem assessment Provisioning 1. provisioning- tangible things, what we harvest from the ecosystem. oil is not included because it is not renewable. -Food is a very important one. There is a lot of people who do not get enough food. About 1 billion. We have increased yeild per unit area. We have also expanded farm land. -wood production. Most timber harvested are sustainable. -fresh water. amount of water is decreasing relative to demand. a lot of people lack clean water supply. San Joaquin valley- far more water is being used for agriculture than the rivers can provide, so they are pumping it out of the ground. They are getting more water under the ground than rainwater can replenish. So the water in the soil is decreasing, and the cost of pumping water out of the ground is expensive. Water tables fall about a foot per year.
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