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Key Steps in Process Improvement_Mine

Key Steps in Process Improvement_Mine - Key Steps in...

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Key Steps in Process Improvement 1) Process selection Select process – quality, time, cost, dangerous, highly visible, reputational, quick to do, customer sensitive 2) Process mapping Develop a flow diagram of the process Develop a process chart or value stream map of the process 3) Process Performance Assess process health - Productivity, Flow time, Flow rate, Bottlenecks, Inventory in system, Inventory Turnover, Capacity Utilization, Yield, Process Capability, Cycle Service Level, Fill rate, Learning Curve, Standard deviations (flow time, flow rate, inventory levels, demand) 4) Process Analysis Identify waste – 8 wastes (worst one?) ‘TIM WOODS’ T ransport - Moving people, products & information I nventory - Storing parts, pieces, documentation ahead of requirements M otion - Bending, turning, reaching, lifting W aiting - For parts, information, instructions, equipment O ver production - Making more than is immediately required O ver processing - Tighter tolerances or higher grade materials than are necessary, unnecessary steps. Don’t pave the
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