Proces Matrices pics

Proces Matrices pics - thickness, etc.) Long runs only Mass...

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Customer Interaction and Process Strategy Mass Service Professional Service Service Factory Service Shop Commercial Banking General purpose law firms Fine dining restaurants Hospitals Airlines Full-service stockbroker Retailing Personal banking Boutiques Law clinics Fast food restaurants Warehouse and catalog stores No frills airlines Limited service stockbroker For-profit hospitals Degree of Interaction and Customization Degree of Labor Intensity Low High High Low
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Fit of Process, Volume, and Variety Process focus projects, job shops,(machine, print, carpentry) Standard Register Repetitive (autos, motorcycles) Harley Davidson Product focus (commercial baked goods, steel, glass) Nucor Steel High Variety One or few units per run, high variety (allows customization) Changes in modules Modest runs, standardized modules Changes in attributes (such as grade, quality, size,
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Unformatted text preview: thickness, etc.) Long runs only Mass Customization (difficult to achieve, but huge rewards) Dell Computer Co. Poor strategy (Variable costs are high) Low-Volume (Intermittent) Repetitive Process (Modular) High-Volume (Continuous) Volume and Variety of Products Poor Strategy (Fixed costs and cost changing to other products are high). Volume and Variety of Products Low Volume High Variety Process (Intermittent) Repetitive Process (Modular) High Volume Low Variety Process (Continuous) One or very few units per lot Projects Very small runs, high variety Job Shops Modest runs, modest variety Disconnected Repetitive Long runs, modest variations Connected Repetitive Very long runs, changes in attributes Continuous Equipment utilization 5%-25% 20%-75% 70%-80% Poor Strategy (High variable costs)...
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Proces Matrices pics - thickness, etc.) Long runs only Mass...

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