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Kyle Boelsen Intro to Comm Paper # 7 Media’s Impact on Observer’s Behavior Media is used everywhere in the world. It is a form of a communication to affect large amount of people widely. Many people are concerned about the effect media has on today’s society. Increasing concerns have been placed on issues such as violence, the use of drugs and alcohol, as well as stereotyping. Although much scientific evidence claims that media cause many behaviors, there is also much evidence that they do not. People use it almost every day for a source of entertainment, and to communicate with one another. Although media is important in our society, it can affect people behavior in negatively partly because there are too many exposures. There are a wide variety if theories and concepts that explain the effect of media on our behaviors. There are many theories that suggest media is very powerful and have an impact on our behavior; which I agree with. The first theory is one that explains the cause of these exposures, and is referred to as the “early window” theory. This theory basically states that kids can easily “open” a window and see sex and violence on TV before parents can talk to their children and make sense that what they are watching is make believe. This early exposure can display behaviors and attitudes to children that are negative and not accepted by our society. This theory also goes along with the idea that television has no sense of place. Contemporary media wipes out the sense of place and television makes you everywhere. While a child might not see their
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parents having sex, a child can see other parents having sex on TV since sex exists everywhere in the media.
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