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physics 151 lab 6 - D and T(3.963 so there is a small...

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Vanlang Ma Physics 151 section 4 Lab #6 April 12, 2011 Simple and Damped Harmonic Motion 1. a) When the glider did not have a sail attach to it, we mounted additional mass in the place of the sail in order to keep the system mass constant. The weight added has a mass of about 0.0334kg. b) Although we technically had 2 springs attached to our glider, the force of a spring is F = -kx and not ΣF = -2kx because when the spring on one side is stretched or compressed, the springs work to restore equilibrium, so only one spring on each side is working at a time. 2. data sheet attached 3. by logger pro : Also by hand on semi-log graph paper, attached on the back, and logger pro graph is used to compare the answer. The slope of the graph is found to be about -0.625 which is within the uncertainties of the graph above. 4. Calculations on separate sheet attached. 5. T D is calculated to be about 4.3097, and there is only 8.8% difference between T
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Unformatted text preview: D and T (3.963) so there is a small correction. 6. T D (4.3097) calculated in question compared to T D (3.944) in part III has a 9.27% difference, and this is less than 10% so they are very close. 7. (a) If we use a stiffer spring, this will cause the frequency to increase and the period (T ) found by 1/frequency would decrease. (b) If we used a bigger sail to increase air resistance on the system, the frequency and period (T D ) of the oscillation would not change because the string will still be the same and it will still go back and forth as many times as the small sail. But the amplitude of the oscillation will be affected. 8. The glider exhibits damped oscillations even without the sail because there might be a random error due to the fact that the track is not completely frictionless, and this causes a damping on the system but small compare to the sail....
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physics 151 lab 6 - D and T(3.963 so there is a small...

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