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Outline I. Introduction a. Definition of translation i. Divisions of translation ii. General process of each phase of translation b. Bacterial translation initiation i. Importance in protein synthesis ii. General Overview of the Formation of the Initiation Complex 1. Components involved 2. Process of the Formation (General interactions) II. Overview of the Ribosome Structure a. Made of two subunits i. One subunit is 50S and has a mass of 1.5MDa. ii. One subunit is 30S and has a mass of 08MDa. b. A combination of two-thirds rRNA and a third protein c. Stabilized by interactions i. Mg 2+ bridges ii. RNA-RNA interactions iii. RNA-protein interactions III. Small Ribosomal Subunit a. Structure i. 21 proteins with an rRNA of ~1500 necleotides (16S) ii. Shape determined by the RNA iii. Upper third called the head is connected by the neck to the body iv. Part of the body sticks out called the toe v. The side that faces the other subunit is the front and the side that faces the solvent is the back
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b. Function i. Binds mRNA, anticodon loop and stem of tRNAs ii. Ensuring correct tRNA linkage iii. Placing the initiator tRNA by using the anit-Shine Delgarno sequence c. Interactions i. Movement of residues to bind to correct condon/anti-condon interactions IV. Large Ribosomal Subunit a. Structure i. 34 proteins and two separate rRNAs sizes 5 and 23 S ii. The larger rRNA determines the shape and the 5S RNA is regarded as a domain iii. Features of the 50 S subunit iv. Tunnel that starts where the amino acids are added to the chain that acts as an exit route for the polypeptide v. Contains the peptidyl-transferase center
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Outline - Outline I Introduction a Definition of...

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