Life Events Approach

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Life Events Approach 1 The Life Events Approach Henry Scott PSY: 304 Lifespan Development Instructor: Giselle Gourrier April 11, 2011
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Life Events Approach 2 An individual’s life consists of a series of events. Some of the most stressful events happen during the midlife period. These events can have a huge impact on a person’s behavior. This essay will take a look at the contemporary life events approach as it relates t midlife development. The life events framework for interpreting developmental change will also be looked at; additionally there will be a brief look at the six dimensions of well being during midlife development. The contemporary life approach “emphasizes that how a life event influences the individual’s development depends not only on the life event, but also on mediating factors (such as physical health and family support), the individual’s adaption to the life event (such as appraisal of the threat and coping strategies), the life stage context, and the sociohistorical context. “ (Santrock 2011). Life events like death of a love one, marriage, divorce, aging, and personal worth can cause stress in an individual’s life and the impact of that stress can be determined by a person’s health and personal living conditions. Levinson held the view that mid life crisis is that period when the adult is at a standstill
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Life Events Approach

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