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Personal Model of Helping Cynthia Rodriguez April 14, 2011 BSHS312 – Effective Models of Helping
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Personal Model of Helping I must admit I have been very blessed in my life as a child. My adulthood as a mother has been great, despite the struggles I am encountering now. I feel that God has made me a strong person because of everything I’m am going to have to go though. I have to admit within the last few weeks I have completely broke down. My 3 ½ year old was diagnosed with leukemia and that I itself was devastating, but to make matters even worse I came down with a horrible flu and I was not allowed to see my daughter for about a week now. My husband does a great job taking care of her but as a mother I want to be by her side. The reason I got sick was because I am under stress. I quit my job because I worked with children and it seemed as though they were all getting sick at the same time and my daughters white blood cell count was so low doctors said she may not be able to fight off the common cold. In result to quitting my job I was struggling to pay the bills so we received a disconnection notice on our water and power bill and when I received the disconnection notice I panicked and I made myself sick. I often wonder if I’m the reason my daughter is sick, Is the anything I could have done different? I remember the day we found out she was sick… We were sitting at children’s hospital in Los Angeles and the doctor read Mya’s Blood cell count and immediately my mother in law said “She’s sick because you didn’t breastfeed”! I often wonder if I should seek professional help to cope with my emotions but at the same time I feel these emotions are normal. My oldest daughter has been my rock, although she is only ten she knows what to say to keep my spirits up. The course Models of Effective Helping has given me very much information in regards
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Personal Model of Helping. - Personal Model of Helping...

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