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Syllabus Bus106 20111


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A. G ARY A NDERSON G RADUATE S CHOOL OF M ANAGEMENT U NIVERSITY OF C ALIFORNIA , R IVERSIDE Bus 106, Introduction to Financial Management, Spring 2011, Avinash Verma Classes: INTN, 1020 MWF 2:00PM – 3:00PM, Anderson Hall 133, 951 827 6884 Office Hours: MW 11.00AM-1.00PM [email protected] C OURSE O VERVIEW AND O BJECTIVES : This course is intended to provide an introduction to principles and practices of business finance. Two broad categories of the decisions that we shall look at more closely are evaluation of risky investment opportunities and the choice among various sources for financing these risky investments. A central theme of the course is valuation from a financial perspective. We shall attempt to develop a framework for valuation. Important aspects of this framework include defining, quantifying, and pricing risk that characterizes future value of financial variables and the role that information plays in this process. Incentives and conflicts among various stake-holders in the firm will also be discussed. Both the class discussions and the
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