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Anderson Graduate School of Management University of California, Riverside BUS 20 Section 001 # 11529 Instructor: Course: BUS 20 Office: OHLM 2331 Room: UV Thea 9 Hours: 12:20-1:30 T/R Hours: 10:40-12 noon T/R e-mail: [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION Financial Accounting and Reporting acquaints students with the professional field of accounting and its practices. Emphasis is given to usage of financial accounting information by investors and creditors. Topics cover cash flow, analysis, assets, liabilities, and equity. GRADING The course grade is based on the total points accumulated below: Homework 150 = 10 participation ) Project 60 = Financial Statement Analysis + 2 decisions Mid-term 100 = Mid-term exam: chapters 1 to 5 Final Exam 160 = 80 multiple choice @ 2, chapters 6 to13. The grade scale is an absolute percent of the highest student score attained , 94% for A, 90% for A-, 88% for B+, 83% for B, 80% for B-, 77% for C+, 70% for C, 67% for C-, and 60% for D, else F. MATERIALS—one of three versions: 1) Fundamentals of FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING (3E) by Phillips, Libby, Libby and CONNECT PLUS access code to the online homework portal. This bundle of text and online homework access is bargain priced at bookstore ISBN:0780077968069; or 2) Students can buy CONNECT PLUS with an electronic version of the text online at http://connect.mcgraw-hill.com/connect/shortUrl.do?accessUrl=b_samuelson_bus_20_spring11 3) Or, students can buy CONNECT with no text; this will enable you to submit homework but provides no text material to read in preparation for homework Scantron forms will be needed for two exams: fifty questions on each side of Scantron. POLICIES 1. The instructor explains the syllabus at the first class. Ask questions now. Students are responsible for reading and interpreting the syllabus thereafter. 2. Students are
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This note was uploaded on 04/23/2011 for the course BUSINESS 20 taught by Professor Samuelson during the Spring '11 term at UC Riverside.

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Bus20 Syllabus - Anderson Graduate School of Management...

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