20 solutions 2a-ch. 2b

20 solutions 2a-ch. 2b - 56,777 Salaries Payable 22,082...

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Solutions to exercises in lecture 2a: ch. 2b M2-14 Dr. Cr. a. dr Equipment (Bookshelves) (+A) 2,000 cr Cash (-A) 2,000 b. dr Books (Inventory/Supplies) (+A) 8,000 cr Accounts Payable (+L) 8,000 c. dr Cash (+A) 4,000 cr Note (or Loan) Payable (+L) 4,000 d. dr Accounts Payable (-L) 1,500 cr Cash (-A) 1,500 e. dr Note (or Loan) Payable (-L) 4,000 cr Cash (-A) 4,000 M2-15 a. dr Cash (+A) 50 cr Accounts Receivable (-A) 50 b. No transaction c. dr Accounts Payable (-L) 2,000 cr Cash (-A) 2,000 d. dr Note (or Loan) Payable (-L) 5,000 cr Cash (-A) 5,000 e. dr Equipment (or Hockey Table) (+A) 2,200 cr Cash (-A) 1,000 cr Note Payable (+L) 1,200
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M2-18 Req. 1 TRUMP ENTERTAINMENTS RESORTS, INC. Balance Sheet At September 30, 2008 (in thousands) Assets Liabilities Current Assets Current Liabilities Cash $ 88,761 Accounts Payable $ 58,462 Accounts Receivable
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Unformatted text preview: 56,777 Salaries Payable 22,082 Other Current Assets 283,692 Other Current Liabilities 115,663 Total Current Assets 429,230 Total Current Liabilities 196,207 Long-term Note Payable 1,835,192 Total Liabilities 2,031,399 Stockholders Equity Property and Equipment 1,647,050 Contributed Capital 32 Retained Earnings 44,849 Total Stockholders Equity 44,881 Total Assets $ 2,076,280 Total Liabilities & Stockholders Equity $ 2,076,280 Req. 2 As of September 30, 2008, liabilities have provided the primary source of financing for Trump Entertainments Resorts, Inc. The company has financed $2,031,399,000 of its assets with liabilities and only $44,881,000 with stockholders equity....
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20 solutions 2a-ch. 2b - 56,777 Salaries Payable 22,082...

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