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20 Lecture 2b-ch. 3a - 250 c dr Cash A 1,000 cr Accounts...

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Solutions to exercises in lecture 2b: ch. 3a M3-2 Amount of Revenue Earned in July a. $12,000 b. $250 c. No revenue earned in July; cash collections in July relate to revenues earned in June. d. No revenue earned in July; the revenues will be earned when fall bowling service is provided (i.e., when games are played). M3-4 a. dr Cash (+A) 12,000 cr Games Fee Revenue (+R, +SE) 12,000 b. dr Accounts Receivable (+A) 250 cr Service Revenue (+R, +SE)
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Unformatted text preview: 250 c. dr Cash (+A) 1,000 cr Accounts Receivable (-A) 1,000 d. dr Cash (+A) 1,500 cr Unearned Revenue (+L) 1,500 M3-5 e. dr Repairs and Maintenance Expense (+E, -SE) 1,500 cr Cash (-A) 1,500 f. dr Accounts Payable (–L) 2,000 cr Cash (-A) 2,000 dr Utilities Expense (+E, -SE) 2,500 cr Accounts Payable (+L) 2,500 g. dr Wages Expense (+E, -SE) 5,475 cr Cash (-A) 5,475...
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