Lecture 5-Major Sociological Perspectives

Lecture 5-Major Sociological Perspectives - Interactionist...

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                                                 Lecture 5-Major Sociological Perspectives Functionalist Perspective - 1. Biological analogy 2. Parts of society help maintain balance 3. Change in each part affects changes in other 4. Parsons is the figure 5. Society cannot survive without transmitting norms and values 6. Does not focus on conflict 7. Does not challenge status quo Conflict Perspective - 1. Developed in 1960s (but has roots in Marx’s Writing) 2. Social world is in continual struggle 3. Society is marked by conflict, tension rather than consensus 4. Conflict leads to changes
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Unformatted text preview: Interactionist Perspective-1. Focus is on smaller units of society 2. Symbols are important part of human communication 3. Communication can be verbal and non verbal 4. Cooley, Mead, Goffman contributed to this perspective 5. Kennens study of social interaction. Feminist Perspective-1. Sociologists started to embrace after 1970s 2. Gender inequality is central to all behavior and organization 3. Women’s oppression is inevitable in all male-dominated societies 4. Allied with conflict perspective 5. Focus is on both micro and macro levels...
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Lecture 5-Major Sociological Perspectives - Interactionist...

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