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Lecture 9-Education - Hidden curriculum is taught subtly...

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Lecture 9-Education Education- A social institution A cultural universal A process of socialization in which Learning is explicit and formalized Some people consciously teach and others adopt the role of learner Functionalist view of Education : Education has Manifest and Latent function Latent Functions- Transmitting culture (we respect flags) Promote social and political integration (diverse groups develop community sense) Maintain social order (we learn norms, values and discipline) Serving as agent of change (we develop liberal attitudes, become open to new ideas) Conflict view of Education: Education is an instrument of elite domination Reinforces class division Discourages democratic vision of society Convinces groups of superiority and inferiority Rules and regulations are considered as end in itself
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Unformatted text preview: Hidden curriculum is taught subtly Credentialism – idea about lowest level of education needed to enter job market. Changes in credentialism Negatively affect weaker groups Profit the owner of school Education bestows status in deferential way Tracking reinforces class differences/distinguishes against students form less affluent family Correspondence principle applies to modern education Leadership/decision-making skills for affluent students Working class students are more likely to be placed Interactionist view of education: Focuses on micro-level classroom dynamics Students, teachers and administrators engage in symbolic interaction Labeling limits opportunities to education Teachers perception affects performance of students...
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Lecture 9-Education - Hidden curriculum is taught subtly...

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