lecture 1 - Lecture :1 Geography: Geography is the study of...

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Lecture :1 Geography: Geography is the study of locational and spatial variation in natural and human phenomena on Earth. Vidal de la Blache Geography is the science of places, concerned with the qualities of potentialities of countries. The particuler character of a country is expressed by the totally of its feature, the social diversities associated with the diversities of places.Geography mainly divided into two parts. Physical geography Human geography Physical geography: Physical Geography focuses on geography as an Earth Science.It aims to understand the physical layout of the Earth. Human geography: Human Geography is a branch of geography that focuses on the study of patterns and processes that shape human interaction with various environments. It encompasses human, politiclal, cultural, social, and economic aspects. Economic Geography is one of the branch/part of Human Geography. Economic geography: is the study of the widely varying economic conditions across the earth. The economics of a geographical area can be influenced by climate, geology, and socio-political factors. Geology can affect resource availability, cost of transportation, and land use decisions. Climate can influence natural resource availability (particularly agriculture and forestry products), and working conditions and productivity. The social and political institutions that are unique to a region also have an impact on economic decisions.
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lecture 1 - Lecture :1 Geography: Geography is the study of...

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