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lecture 30 & 31 - Lecture 30 31 Cities as Service...

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Cities as Service center City A city is a settlement with a large concentration of people with a distinctive organization, life-styles and livelihood. Specialized land uses and a variety of social, economic and political institutions allocate, coordinate and manage the resources found in the city. Cities are the center of power and control in our society. Cities as a service center/function of a city A principal function of the city is to provide services for its citizens and the surrounding hinterland (land behind the city/ service center from where it get supports). These activities embrace a variety of services and management function like Retailing Banking Wholesaling Regional and national headquarters office activity Government services Various others personal and professional services Hierarchical arrangement of the cities We can explain the hierarchical arrangement of the cities by using the theory of ‘Rank-Size Rule’. One can predict the size of a given city by knowing its rank and the size of
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lecture 30 & 31 - Lecture 30 31 Cities as Service...

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