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Conceptual_Timeline - inter-industry competition...

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Unformatted text preview: inter-industry competition supply /demand,' b t _ psychological :Qxig’fisk / marginal utility; flictors explain alertness to profit 5‘0le value is opportunities are e uilibrium rices destructive entre reneurshi atentl novel uncertainty 9‘ P P P opportunities drives likefiriaricial or P )1 entrepreneurship market value discouragement of “”89 entrepreneurship as competition and opportunity is a innovative actiwty value new combinations of imperfect knowledge error and ineffiCiency construct to bg enstirig resources drive discovery create opportunities explained dirninisliihg equilibrium entrepreneurship requires soCiologicalfactors search and lucklead usury; church returns of profit models only knowledge explain entrepreneurship to opportunity land, paCification; holding; architecture; land, capital, uncertainty; knowledge is critical to innovation :5 and industry individual entrepreneurship and comgymtzve; as modes of awareness of randomly dispersed entrepreneurs to knowledge and injorrnation tax engineering; farrning farming as entrepreneurship production; enVironniental drive market 51' h military actiwty and warfiire [£23m Of C ange systems as entrepreneurship Prehistoric bases Economic bases Multidisciplinaly bases ...
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