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Course Outline (RM) - B RAC University D epartment of...

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BRAC University Department of Business Administration BUS 302: Research Methods in Business and Management Semester: Summer 2007 Class: Schedule: Days Time Room Monday 11.00 AM-12.30PM TBD Wednesday 11.00 AM-12.30PM TBD E-mail Instructors: Dr. Shahaduz Zaman (Ph.D) [email protected] Dr. Sabina Faiz Rashid (Ph.D) [email protected] Dr. Farhana Sultana (MBBS, MPH) [email protected] Dr. MR Shuvra (MBBS, MPH) [email protected] Course Description: The value of research endeavor is only as good as the study design and data collection methods that are utilized to carry it out. This course is designed as an intensive, hands-on learning experience that will foster the development of a basic understanding of different research designs and concrete skills in quantitative and qualitative research methods, with a particular emphasis on developing questionnaire, data collection, analysis and interpretation of results. This is an introductory course that examines research processes and methods used for business and management purposes. The intention of this course is to give an overview of the entire research process, including, the range of techniques available to conduct research so that the students can describe the actual business research challenges and demonstrate how the different steps of research would apply to the real world to aid decision making process in Business. Course Objectives: By the end of the course students should be able to: Understand and appreciate the role of research in Business and Management Describe research processes Develop a research proposal Describe five major research methods and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each Implement at least two research methods
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Analyze research findings Write a research report Identify research opportunities and challenges in Bangladesh Gain a base of concepts and skills that will facilitate life long learning thinking and enquiry Course structure: To effectively learn and master the course material requires a class-by-class
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Course Outline (RM) - B RAC University D epartment of...

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