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DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION RESEARCH METHODS IN BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT COURSE SCHEDULE WEEK/LECTURE DAY/DATE TOPICS READING  ASSIGNMENT ASSIGNMENTS Week # 1 Lecture #1 Monday/ May 21 st , 2007 Introduction to Research Methods LECTURES   PART I: INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODS Week # 1 Lecture #2 Wednesday/ May 23 rd , 2007 The role of Business research; Information systems and Knowledge  management   ZIKMUND, CHP: 1, 2 SAUNDERS, CHP: 1 HARPER BOYD,  CHP:1 PART II: BEGINNING STAGES OF THE RESEARCH PROCESS Week # 2 Lecture #3 Monday/ May 28 th , 2007 Research Process: an overview;  Problem Definition; Research  question; Hypotheses;  Objectives  ZIKMUND, CHP: 4, 6 SAUNDERS, CHP: 2 Week # 2 Lecture #4 Wednesday/ May 30 th , 2007 Critically reviewing the literature; Writing a Research Proposal  Using Secondary Data SAUNDERS, CHP: 3, 7 ZIKMUND, CHP: 8   Tutorial Research project I: Formation of  project teams; Ideas for  research projects Group Assign#1  formulating a  research topic;  research  question;  objectives
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Week # 3 Lecture #5 Monday/June 4 th , 2007 Deciding on the research approach  and choosing a research 
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