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ugba 10 Principles of Business February & March 2011 Module 3: Accounting and Finance David Robinson Office: F 512 Haas [email protected] Office Hours: Wednesday 2:10 - 4:00 p.m. http://faculty.haas.berkeley.edu/robinson/ugba10 Date Topic Reading Ch. Refers to the Ebert text, ® is an article in the Reader Principles 2011 Notes 1 Monday 2/28 Forms of business; Corp. financial planning How firms raise capital using loans, stocks and bonds Ebert p. 46 - 50 In section this week: [Mod 2 exam & paper return] Module introduction: Tax and online purchases 2 Wednes 3/2 Managerial accounting ® 68 Where all that money went 3 Friday 3/4 Financial accounting I: Income statement Ch. 14 ® 46 Summary SarbOx In section this week: Discussion of the paper topic on Dividend policy 4 Monday 3/7 Financial accounting II: Balance sheet ® 70 Bean counters 5 Wednes 3/9 Financial accounting III: Statement of cash flows, Auditing ® 41 Stop whining ® 38 Big companies 6 Friday 3/11 What investors want How investors manage money Understanding financial markets and indexes Ch. 16 ® 49 Madoff and his models ® 69 Social Security In section this week: Turn in Mod paper. Discussion on Interest rates 7 Monday 3/14 Time value of money Bond valuation ® 3-12 Allocating resources ® 65 Credit rating ® 71 The grim rater ® 40 Anatomy of a hump 8 Wednes 3/16 Stocks, portfolios, mutual funds and ETFs ® 48 I hate dividends ® 42 Funds that trade ® 44 Some investors Friday 3/18 Module exam In class, in Wheeler
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Week 1 Lead-in Discussion: Sales Tax on Online Retail Since the Internet became a commercial reality in 1995, online purchases have been exempt from state and local sales taxes where goods are shipped from one state to another. Now that web commerce is coming close to 10 percent of all US retail activity the loss of sales tax revenue is contributing to states’ severe budget problems. To prepare for this discussion, think about these questions: What was the rationale for giving the exemption in the first place? What is the meaning of “physical presence” of a firm’s operations? If some states have no sales tax, how do they fund local government? If we change this policy, how would states actually collect sales tax? Week 2 Paper Topic: Should Common Stocks pay Dividends? When BP ran into trouble with the Gulf oil spill last summer, their board of directors agreed to suspend the dividend paid to common shareholders so that any profits could be used to pay for damages. But th is caused “a bit of a problem” as the Brits like to say: BP is by far the biggest UK company with revenues more than twice that of runner-up HSBC bank. There were newspaper reports that almost all UK pension plans owned some BP stock, and that as much as 20 percent of dividend payments in Britain came from BP. However, I personally favor the extreme view articulated by Andy Kessler ® p. 48.
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m3syllabus - u gba 10 Principles of Business February March...

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