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Saying and Doing HS vs. College

Saying and Doing HS vs. College - teachers teach is...

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Doria 1 Mark Doria July 16, 2009 English 114 The Difference between High School and College Saying Doing 1 The work we do in high school is different compared to college and the methods we use are different. Compares high school and college. States that high school gives us information to find the “answer.” 2 Students think that college is more difficult compared to high school even though the courses we take in college is somehow similar to what we take in high school. States that college is very similar to high but students like to view college a little challenging. 3 College freshmen soon realized that college is different from high school as soon as they go beyond the introductory survey courses and that they he way the
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Unformatted text preview: teachers teach is different from high school. Tells that college freshmen realized the difference between the two. Compares how the teachers teach in college how they teach in high school. 4 The difference between high school and college by intellectual level. Compares how in college you gain more new intellectual work compare to high school level. 5 College work and the difficulty of it and teachers expectations. Gives examples and discusses what the teachers expect from their students. 6 Materials changed from the transition from high school to college. Gives example on how materials and the difference of presenting the material....
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