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Apex Corporation - Accounting Information System Fall...

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Accounting Information System Fall 2010-10-11 Roman Datsco Apex Corporation: Evaluation of Internal Control As we all know preventive controls deter problems before they arise. Every major company has to use some preventive controls in order to be successful. Apex Corporation is no different than the others. First of all, Apex hired qualified computer auditors so they can review and audit of the worldwide operations of Apex. Every warehouse distribution and local offices report to regional offices their activity. That is a lot of information, and to make sure nothing is going "under radar" the management hired auditors to make sure everything is in order and the information is correct. Second of all, even though Apex has three computer auditors, who work most of their time at NYCCC, they hired other people to review and test their Computer Controls. That was done in case if Auditors who works for Apex would like to do something that was not in their job description. Having different people review and test your computer system is much safer than let doing it to somebody inside the firm. Third of all, they have s Software Change Control Group. This group looks at the new provided versions for the program, and makes changes if they think the company will benefit from it. Then they send the copy of a program to every warehouse and local offices to upgrade the old version. Changing the software may change the procedures of doing the same job, which can make some people in difficult position. That is why Apex is doing a Computer Training
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Apex Corporation - Accounting Information System Fall...

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