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EngagementLetter - write We appreciate your allowing us to...

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World Trade Center F3 Strawinskylaan 381 Amsterdam, 1077 XX The Netherlands April 23, 2011 Dear Mr. Diwan, In partial fulfillment of the course requirements for Introduction to Accounting Information Systems, we, the students in the class are expected to study the accounting information system of a real-world organization. We will then write reports that 1. Describe the organization’s revenue and expenditure cycles, 2. Design a hypothetical database for the organization’s business processes, applying the data modeling techniques learned from the course, and 3. Evaluate the organization’s internal control and suggest measures to overcome any potential weaknesses, if found. We are also expected to make a final presentation to the class based on the reports we
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Unformatted text preview: write. We appreciate your allowing us to study your accounting information system. Our findings will be confidential in nature. Our reports will not reveal any facts (especially figures) that you deem as business secrets. We will deliver a final report for your information and will invite you to our presentation in late November or early December although it is not mandatory that you attend. If you have any questions regarding the nature of our study, we’d be more than happy to discuss with you. Sincerely, Marie Jacome Please acknowledge receipt of this letter. ___________________________ Jamil Diwan. Executive Vice President, Global Head of Sales & Marketing ___________________________ (Signature)...
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