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SGI - Aircraft management - Marie

SGI - Aircraft management - Marie - List of services...

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List of services Aircraft management – Marie The SGI team performs lease reviews and negotiations, maintenance reserve management, contract management and risk analysis. SGI manages any – and all – lease obligations for lessors and lessees including monitoring and recording aircraft flight hours and flight cycle utilizations, calculating and monitoring maintenance reserves, managing eligible claims from maintenance reserves, optimizing returns on transactions and managing deposit accounts for lease rentals and reserves paid by lessees. Other asset management responsibilities include advising customers on “end-of-lease” solutions for aircraft and engines. Aircraft and engine records management (managing risk) Records review and management service: includes accurate scanning and secure storage of historical aircraft and engine records, giving clients full access to computerized data. Records are present and meet applicable regulations and the clients specific requirements. Status reports are provided to clients for a clear understanding of the status of their aircraft and engines Monitor the utilization, modification status and operational condition of aircraft keeping all technical specification documents up to date. Audit function, requires the scanning and storage of relevant aircraft and engine technical records.
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