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Supplemental Questions for Company What is the accounting software this company uses? LMS (Lodging management system), Excel Is the company pursuing a low cost or product differentiation strategy? What strategic position (needs-based, variety-based, or access-based) does the company place itself? Low cost right now because of the economy but it is usually variety based. We try to give the best value for the money. REVENUE CYCLE How do guests contract for your services? Phone and online How are revenue and purchasing transactions recorded? What source documents are used ? Invoices to customers are generated from LMS but mostly sent out via email; invoices from suppliers are sent through corporate office in Nashville What is the process of handling and depositing transactions at the bank? Handled through cash office (Brinks picks them up and drops at bank); credit cards are handled through corporate office in Nashville daily Who carries out each particular accounting activity (job title )? Each major department is separated (A/R, A/P, payroll, etc) How does the company use IT and the Internet for its business processes to improve its
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Supplemental_Questions_for_Company - Supplemental Questions...

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