US Histroy Timeline 1920-1940

US Histroy Timeline 1920-1940 - HIST 1302.001 1920 19...

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HIST 1302.001 1920 19 th Amendment This amendment prohibited the government and any state from denying the right to vote from citizens of any sex. Its main purpose was to guarantee the right to vote for all women. Election of 1920 Democrat James M. Cox ran against Republican Warren G. Harding. Cox favored joining the League of Nations, however, Republicans and many other Americans response to the League was overwhelmingly negative. This caused Harding to win the election. During Harding’s presidential campaign he promised a return to “normalcy”. He signed many peace treaties that where built on the Treaty of Versailles and led the Washington Navel Conference (1921-1922). He later died from a heart attack in 1923 which ended his presidency. Because of many scandals that occurred in his administration during his presidency he was ranked as one of the worst presidents. 1923 Calvin Coolidge The 30 th president of the United States who was vice president of Warren G. Harding and took his place after his death. He restored the public’s confidence in the White house after the Harding’s scandals and was greatly appreciated by
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US Histroy Timeline 1920-1940 - HIST 1302.001 1920 19...

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