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Liberal Movement 1920's to 1940's

Liberal Movement 1920's to 1940's - Liberal Movement 1920s...

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Liberal Movement 1920’s to 1940’s The Election of 1920 James M. Cox of Ohio (Democrat) vs. Senator Warren G. Harding also of Ohio (Republican). Cox favored joining the League of Nations, however, Republicans and many other Americans response to the League was overwhelmingly negative. Warren G. Harding won the election. Congress formally ended the war with the Central Powers by passing a joint resolution. Senate rejected Versailles Treaty which could have possibly brought peace to the U.S. and also rejected joining the League of Nations. Postwar Society and Culture Immigration In 1921 Congress, reflecting a widespread prejudice against eastern and southern Europeans, passed an emergency act establishing a quota system. In 1929 Congress then established a system that allowed only 150,000 immigrants a year to enter the country. The National Origins Act caused the foreign-born percentage of the population to fall from about 13% to 4.7%. Overall the U.S. had closed the gates to immigration. Family By the 1920’s the idea of intrafamily democracy had emerged. Husbands and
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