Histroy Test - Short Essay: Americans faced many problems...

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Short Essay: Americans faced many problems in the U.S. from 1895 to the beginning of WWI. Strikes broke out because of low wages and unsafe working conditions. People could not earn enough money to live in decent conditions. Local, state, and federal governments where corrupt and needed to be revised. These problems then marked the beginning of the Progressive Era which was an era where people’s attitudes changed about how the government should help its citizens. There where some who thought the government should not change and there where some who felt that the changing of the government was needed. Those people who sought out to change the government and help change the problems that Americans faced where called The Progressives. They believed that the reason for all of the corruption in society came from the institutions not from the weakness of individuals. Thus, local, state, and national governments must be more responsive for the will of its citizens. Progressives promise and main goal was to restore the government into the hands of the people then use that popular controlled government to regulate industry, finance, transportation, agriculture, and foreign policy, in the interest of the many rather than the few. Through it all, Progressivism was very successful for fulfilling its promise and for all of the positive consequences it had on the lives of Americans. Progressivism had first started at a local level. Many of the middle class people began to become concerned with the problems of poor neighborhoods and unsafe living conditions. Jane Addams, a social worker, and her friend Ellen Gates Starr, a sociologist, came up with creating the first settlement house known as the Hull House. Her settlement house offered help for poor people who needed medical treatment. In addition, it aided in providing jobs, recreational activity, and food and clothing. Child labor was another area that progressivism changed. Children were paid at very low wages and worked in dangerous conditions. Many states began to adopt new child labor laws which prohibited hiring children under the age of 14 to work in factories or from doing dangerous jobs in factories. Committees began to rise such as the National Child Labor Committee which helped to limit how many hours children where allowed to work and required safety inspections for factories that had children that worked.
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Histroy Test - Short Essay: Americans faced many problems...

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