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Assignment 1 1. The election of 1876 was between republican Rutherford Hayes of Ohio and democratic Samuel Tilden of New York. It is one of the most disputed presidential elections in American history because of who actually one the election. Tilden had the popular vote and more electoral votes than Hayes when only Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina where left. Republican leaders knew that they would lose those three states and, in addition, realized that they needed those states electoral votes to elect Hayes. Therefore, local Republicans invalidated democratic ballots and filed returns showing that Hayes won the election. 2. The Redeemers were a political group in the southern United Stated during Reconstruction who fought to change the economy and society of the South from its old self. The Redeemers were important for what they did to change the South.
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Unformatted text preview: Since slavery was dead having only cotton as a crop was no longer useful. The Redeemers then decided to diversify crop and expand in other types of businesses such as textiles and building roadways. Financial success became more important to them than political. They rebuilt the South and wanted people to begin to invest into the New South. 3. Many people feel that everyone had won at the end of reconstruction; however, the group of people who really had the “happy days” is the upper middle class. Merchants were really the boss of the people. They lost a little power during reconstruction but gain a lot more at the end. Though blacks gained some freedom they were voiceless in national affairs and found themselves living in sectional lives of poverty and little hope....
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