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U.S HIST 1302.001 Many people argue that the dropping of the atomic bomb was justifiable. The main reason for this was because it was the only way that the Japanese would surrender during World War II and save more lives. Before the dropping of the atomic bomb United States president Harry S. Truman, United Kingdom Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and President of the Republic of China Chiang Kai-Shek issued a document known as the Potsdam Declaration. This declaration stated that if Japan would not surrender then it would face “prompt and utter destruction.” Japan responded by ignoring
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Unformatted text preview: the declaration and preparing every man, woman, and child to fight to the death. The Japanese were very prideful which would not allow them to surrender. Many of the Japanese soldiers fought kamikaze style which was committing suicide just to kill at least one enemy solider. Truman had to find some other method to force the Japanese to surrender which is where the idea of dropping the atomic bomb came into action. Dropping the atomic bomb was the only solution to ending the war, forcing the Japanese to surrender, and save the most Japanese and American lives....
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