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MathReview10 - 1 Terms a polyhedron a face b vertex c edge...

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M316L Exam 1 Outline I. Chapter 8 A. Section 8.1: Basic Concepts of Geometry 1. Terms a. angles - right, acute, obtuse, straight, reflex, adjacent, com- plementary, supplementary b. lines - parallel, perpendicular, concurrent, skew c. line segment d. ray e. vertex f. intersection g. collinear h. coplanar i. tetrominoes 2. Ideas a. Communicating directions b. Relationships between points c. Relationships between lines B. Section 8.2: Two-Dimensional Figures 1. Terms a. curves - simple, closed, simple closed b. triangles - equilateral, isosceles, scalene c. quadrilaterals - square, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, trapezoid, kite d. polygons - concave, convex, regular e. diagonal of a polygon f. exterior and interior angles 2. Ideas a. Attributes of figures and comparing attributes b. Relationships between quadrilaterals c. Number of diagonals in a polygon d. Congruence C. Section 8.3: Three-Dimensional Figures
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Terms a. polyhedron a. face b. vertex c. edge d. base e. lateral face f. prism - right, oblique g. dihedral angle 1 h. regular polyhedron i. pyramid j. apex k. cylinder - right and oblique l. cone - right and oblique m. sphere 2. Ideas a. Attributes of polyhedra b. Relationships among polyhedra c. Two-Dimensional representations of 3-dimensional objects (e.g. block buildings, cross sections, nets) II. Chapter 9 A. Section 9.1 1. Terms a. congruence transformations - translation, reflection, rota-tion, glide reflection b. composite transformation c. center of rotation d. line of reflection e. vector f. congruence g. fundamental domain 2. Ideas a. Transforming shapes (e.g. pentominoes, words, polygons) b. Predicting images of shapes after transformations c. Commutativity of transformations d. Taxicab language 2...
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MathReview10 - 1 Terms a polyhedron a face b vertex c edge...

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